Clean Skincare for Sensitive Skin


Turns out, gentle products are better for your skin

Fewer steps, fewer ingredients

Clean skin is where it all begins. Our plant-based essentials leave your skin calm and hydrated. Formulated without fragrance or harsh synthetics, they are every dermatologist’s dream and look cute on your bathroom shelf.

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Give your skin a break

Our skincare essentials are designed for an easy-to-use, low maintenance routine. Say goodbye to micro-tears and inflammation with our gentle, physical exfoliant made with oatmeal, jojoba, and rice bran.

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Superfood hydration without irritation

All the nourishment a face oil should provide, without the irritating essential oils. Organic cold-pressed jojoba, avocado, prickly pear, and natural vitamin E oils.

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Aubrey Plaza on why she loves Peet Rivko

Aubrey Plaza on why she loves Peet Rivko

“When it comes to taking care of my skin, I really just want clean, gentle products with ingredients I can trust. I love the simplicity of Peet Rivko – cleanser, moisturizer, face oil – done.”

We're Making Headlines

"Suitable for sensitive skin types and art director types."

"Peet Rivko is introducing the idea of next-level natural, which is, it's natural but not irritable."

"My skin has never looked better."


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