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Say hello to Peet Rivko's derm advisor, Dr. Rachel Day. Dr. Day is an East Coast native who now has her dermatology practice, OneSkin Dermatology, in Chambersburg, PA. At OneSkin, their mission is for patients to feel empowered to make that choices they feel are right for them when it comes to skin health. We interviewed Dr. Day to share more about who she is, her practice, and why she loves Peet Rivko! 

Tell us about yourself! Where you're from, what you do, where you are currently practicing.

I’m a New York City native raised in the North Jersey suburbs. The north east has always been my home. I went to Lehigh for undergrad then came back to NYC to attend medical school at Cornell where I subsequently did my dermatology residency at New York Presbyterian. After finishing residency, I started my dermatology career as a hospital employed dermatologist, but in short it didn't make my heart sing. So in 2019 I ventured out on my own to create my own skin health and wellness practice — and the first direct care dermatology practice in South Central PA — OneSkin Dermatology. At OneSkin our mission is for our patients to “love their oneskin”! We want every person we work with to feel empowered to make the choices that are right for them when it comes to their skin health. At OneSkin we are hyper-focused on the patient experience and honoring each person’s unique skin health journey. I collaborate with my patients to create treatment plans that prioritize their values to achieve the results they are looking for.


What inspired you to be a dermatologist?

Growing up, I struggled with feeling out of place and looking different than my peers. I was raised in an area where being mixed race was notably different from my peers and this left a lasting impression on me. Our appearance contributes so much to the way we are perceived and treated in our lives. As a dermatologist, my goal is to help my patients approach the world comfortably and confidently. In my practice I care for both children and adults in the entire spectrum of dermatologic care including medical, cosmetic, and surgical treatment. Working with individuals and families to give them the support, education, and guidance to feel self-confident is what fills my cup and why I love being a dermatologist. 


What do you do as a dermatologist? What is a typical day?

So many different things! One of my favorite things about my practice is the variety of people we help and conditions we treat. A typical week includes cosmetic consultations and procedures every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I specialize in utilizing a multimodal approach (e.g. foundational skincare, injectables, laser) to achieve subtle and natural enhancements that keep you looking and feeling refreshed! Tuesday and Wednesday are our medically focused days. Because education and empowerment is so much a part of our ethos at OneSkin, we see anywhere from 14-18 patients in a day (compared to 40-60+ in a typical derm office!). Acne, rosacea, and eczema are some of the skin conditions I regularly see. And of course I perform skin cancer screenings regularly for those patients that need them!


Why did you decide to partner with Peet Rivko?

As a dermatologist I see the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to over the counter skincare! Navigating clean beauty can be especially hard for people with genetically sensitive or acutely sensitized skin. My patients trust me to provide vetted recommendations to support their skin health journey. Peet Rivko’s products are elegant in their formulation, effective at restoring skin homeostasis and are outstanding in supporting sensitive and sensitized skin! But more than that, Peet Rivko creates products you can feel REALLY good about. As a millennial mama to three young gen alphas, aligning on the values of diversity, inclusivity and sustainability is what made this partnership extra special. Change starts small. Johanna’s passion to transform the clean beauty industry through transparency, education and scientifically backed product formulations that are good for you AND the world is contagious! I’m proud to join this incredible group of strong female beauty industry leaders.


You can follow Dr. Day on Instagram @lovemyoneskin and read more about her practice on




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