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Soleé Darrell is a Bermudian born multidisciplinary artist based in Oakland, California. Her work is driven by intuition and explores the human experience through energetic paint strokes and layers of mixed media. Through her work, she hopes to bring optimism and connect the intuitive world and physical world. 

We've collaborated with Soleé on our Limited Edition Essentials Kit, which features a piece from her Meditations series on the box, and makes giving the gift of skincare even more special. 

How do you define essential & what is essential to you?

I define essential as something being absolutely necessary. My craft and practice is essential to me. My family and friends are essential. My alone time is essential. 


What are some of your daily rituals?

I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to become the woman who has daily rituals and the only things that have been consistent for me are my skincare regimen and my art practice. I roll out of bed in the morning, have an Iced coffee, a glass of water and wash my face. I put on sunscreen and moisturizer and sit down to paint. I usually listen to podcasts and audiobooks while I’m painting. Since the pandemic started I have also made a ritual of facetiming with friends and family. Since my family lives so far away, in Bermuda and Canada, I feel like I never get enough time with them and talking to them grounds me immensely. I also always take quite time to snuggle each of my cats multiple times a day so they know I love and value them. 


How do your daily rituals impact your art?

All of my rituals are meant to lead me to the canvas. When I'm moisturized, hydrated, touched base with the people I love, I can fully commit to spending focused time with my painting. My art practice is also my form of meditation and therapy. The ritual of creating beauty has always been my top priority in life.


When did you first begin creating art?

I’ve been an artist my whole life. As a child I spent a lot of time alone doing crafts and exploring the world around me in my own visual language. I have always felt most content quietly working with my hands. That energy has always flowed through me. I started painting two years ago as a way to unwind and I have been in love ever since. In the past I have worked with metal but painting has helped me slow down and be fully present in a way that no other medium has and I am so grateful for it.


What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

Only make what feels true to you and don't be afraid to disappoint people in that process. Trust yourself, true magic only appears when you are asking questions and not looking for answers. Let the act of creating be the creation and don’t worry so much about the final product. Share your work. Always ask to be paid what you are worth.


Always with you.


Most effective stress reliever.

Spending time with my cats and sitting in the sun with my eyes closed

Go-to song or artist while you work.


Studio must-have. 

A good rolly chair

Best advice you’ve received.

Fall in love with becoming the most authentic version of yourself but with patience, compassion and respect for your own journey. 


See more of Soleé's work on and follow her on Instagram @soleedarell.





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