Skincare 101: What Is Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty – it’s a phrase that gets tossed around a lot these days. Usually it’s TLDR for skincare that doesn’t include a bunch of toxic ingredients but it’s also a term subject to quite a bit of “greenwashing” (e.g. making misleading claims about how sustainable or natural a product is). 

The truth is that there is no set definition. And that’s why it’s easy to get confused. The scary reality is that the beauty industry is essentially unregulated. The last time the U.S. government passed laws regulating skincare? 1938. We live in a world where brands can say and do what they want, and it’s up to you the consumer to figure out what is real and what’s not. 

When it comes to clean beauty, some brands and stores may call their products clean, and it means they don’t use parabens or sulfates. For others, it’s shorthand for using mostly plant-derived ingredients. 

At Peet Rivko, we define clean beauty as skincare that is made from 99-100% plant-derived ingredients and free from potentially harmful or toxic ingredients. 

We’ve created our Never Using list of ingredients that bans the use of over 1,400 ingredients in our products, following the lead of the European Union and companies like Credo who are setting a new standard for the beauty industry. 

Just to be clear: we don’t inherently believe that all synthetic ingredients are bad (this is a safe space!). But we’ve decided that if you can create an awesome, effective product using only plant-derived ingredients, why not do that?

So when you hear us talk about clean, you can feel good knowing that our products are free from any sketchy synthetics like parabens and sulfates but are also going one step further to only use ingredients made from plants. Knowledge is power!


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