Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Spring Cleaning? Us too. Let's talk about that medicine cabinet.

Here are our 5 tips for spring cleaning your beauty routine.


Tip #1: Pay attention to shelf life

Shelf-life refers to how long a product can hold up on the "shelf" in your medicine cabinet or sitting in the store. Think of your skincare and makeup like shelf-stable food. They can last for awhile, but not forever. Expired products lose their efficacy and can cause irritation from mold or bacteria (gross). 

Preservatives are added too products with water as an ingredient to prevent mold and bacteria, but they usually are tested for a 2 year shelf-life. This means they can last for two years before opening. Period after opening (PAO) refers to how long a product last once it's opened, and this is usually 6 months to one year. Some products seemingly last forever, but think of them like a beloved Twinkie. Just because it can last forever doesn't mean it should! 


Tip #2: Sanitize all beauty tools

Sponges, brushes, tweezers, jade rollers – whatever your go-to is, take the time to wash and wipes down any beauty tools before you use. This keeps them clean and sanitary for your beautiful face.


Tip #3: Toss out any expired products

Some products have an expiration date printed on the bottle, but just as important is when you opened the product. Toss out any products that are expired or are opened and past their prime. Read on for our cheat sheet!


Tip #4: Cheat Sheet

Time to toss! Here's our cheat sheet for how long to keep opened products.


Mascara + Eyeliner 3 to 6 months
Foundation + Concealer 6 months to 1 year
Moisturizer 6 months to 1 year
Serum 6 months to 1 year
Cleanser 1 year
Chemical or Acid Exfoliant 1 year
Lip Balm 1 year
Face + Body Oil 1 year
That eye pencil you have from college Don't even ask


 Tip #5: Audit your beauty routine

Most of us have more products than we can possible use in a day, or even a week. Take some time to look at what's in your medicine cabinet to make a list of what you use daily and what you bought but never use. 

Awareness is the first steep with lowering our consumption. Moving forward, focus soon quality over quantity, and purchasing few, better products that bring you and your skin joy!


Happy spring cleaning from your friends at Peet Rivko!




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