Don’t Overdo It

When it comes to skincare, less is more. Though we’ve been taught to believe in quick fixes and use night creams, day creams, eight different serums, and special treatments for every type of condition, for many of us, using too many products – and too many ingredients – can actually lead to more problems. The fewer ingredients in a skincare product, the gentler and safer it will be (especially for sensitive skin). Overuse of products can cause inflammation, which is often at the root of several skin problems ranging from acne, rosacea to aging skin. Harsh ingredients like acids (synthetic or even plant-based), sulfates, retinols, exfoliants and fragrance can further irritate skin causing sensitization, redness or flaky skin. At Peet Rivko, we believe in getting back to the basics. So we cut through the industry’s noise to bring you what you need the most: an easy, safe, and effective minimalist skincare routine with gentle, plant-based ingredients.

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