Say No to Irritants

It’s important to remember that natural doesn’t always mean gentle. At Peet Rivko, we make natural skincare minus common irritants. Our formulas are free of harsh actives, fragrance, essential oils, nut oils, limonene, and floral extracts. Even ingredients commonly found in natural skincare products can be sensitizing and are often problematic for sensitive skin. Essential oils for example, smell amazing but are highly concentrated extracts that can cause burning, itchiness and inflammation for sensitive types. Citrus-based essentials oils, also react to UV light and can cause inflammation and phototoxicity.

Here’s why we’re different: the oils we use in Peet Rivko products are called ‘carrier’ oils or plant oils. Carrier oils come from the nuts, fleshy fruit, or seeds of a plant and are chemically very different from essential oils. They are not concentrated extracts but stable base oils that can you safely apply directly to skin. We especially love jojoba oil, which is cold-pressed from the seeds of the jojoba shrub, and avocado oil which is made from the fleshy, green part of the avocado fruit. You’ll also find prickly pear oil which is a desert cactus; its seeds are pressed into a lightweight oil, which is chock full of antioxidants and vitamins. You’ll only find plant oils in our products and we carefully source those that are 100% organic and cold-pressed.

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