Oils Are Your Friend — Because A Lot of People Are Afraid of Oils

Face Oils are having a moment, and we think that’s a good thing, but we also get that they can be intimidating. If your skin is oily or prone to acne, it can seem totally illogical to put more oil on your face. But the truth is doing so can actually help oily skin as much as dry skin. Your face naturally produces an oil called sebum which is produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands. When sebum is in balance, it serves as a barrier and prevents your skin from losing moisture. When produced in excess, however, it can clog your pores, leaving skin shiny and greasy. Using a few drops of face oil after you cleanse can replace sebum and cause your glands to slow down production of sebum, leaving your skin balanced and less oily overall.

We made a face oil because it is a quick and easy way to boost hydration, soften the skin, and reduce redness or irritation. Our Balancing Face Oil features jojoba, a plant oil whose chemical structure closely resembles sebum and can help balance oil production. We also include avocado oil and prickly pear oil for their high levels of antioxidants, omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids, and vitamins C, E, and K. Think of them both as superfoods for your skin. Our face oil is lightweight, so it’s perfect for those with acne/oily-prone skin who want to balance oil production and should stay away from heavier, scented oils. We recommend drier skin use the Balancing Face oil in the AM and PM and those with oilier or combination skin to try it first as part of your PM routine.

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