Know Your Ingredients

Here’s where it can get even more complicated: when it comes to natural ingredients, not all ingredients are created equal. Take jojoba oil for example – in its purest form, jojoba oil is a golden color and has a slight earthy odor to it. However, you can also buy jojoba oil that is bleached, deodorized, refined or solvent-extracted, which is done using harsh chemical solvents. The result is a clear, odorless jojoba oil – that is far cheaper but stripped of its most nourishing properties and vitamins. Think of a canned tomato versus an organic tomato you bought at the farmer’s market. Bottom line: the level of processing effects an ingredient’s purity and efficacy. At Peet Rivko, we use only 100% unrefined, organic, cold-pressed oils in all of our formulations so our products are pure and contain the highest levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids.

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