• Peet Rivko Mini Balancing Face Oil
  • lightweight face oil for all skin types

Mini Balancing Face Oil

  • $10

Our Balancing Face Oil provides an extra boost of hydration without the greasy finish. Nourish and strengthen your skin with a signature blend of organic avocado, jojoba, and prickly pear oils—it’s rich in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants.

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Fragrance free. Suitable for all skin types. Made in the USA


Gently press 2-3 drops onto clean skin.


Organic Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Organic Opuntia Ficus Indica (Prickly Pear) Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E

Zero toxins, Zero irritants

  • No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, PEGs, silicones, or petroleum
  • No fragrance, limonene, essential oils, nut oils, or floral extracts

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  • Jojoba: Lightweight liquid wax closely matches the skin’s own sebum, absorbs easily, and adds hydration
  • Prickly Pear: Cactus seed oil high in vitamin E and K, zinc, and amino acids, restores elasticity and protects against free radicals
  • Avocado: Nourishing oil rich in vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, calms and reduces inflammation

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good face oil

I did not like the moisturizer but loved the oil..
It’s good for dry skin and makes me comfortable.

My second time buying this

It works well and I like it so much I bought it again. My T zone is oily and my skin likes this oil a lot. It lasts a long time.


Mini Balancing Face Oil

Excellent Facial Oil!

I am very impressed with this blend of oils. The previous oil I tried was straight marula, and while it was nice it was a bit too heavy and never fully absorbed. The Balancing Facial Oil is a nice light to medium weight and absorbs fully (I use 2-3 drops to cover face and neck). It is early spring right now in the Midwest, so I expect to adjust the number of drops as the seasons change.

I just started using facial oil as post menopausal dry skin has arrived. 😊 My skin is sensitive and very reactive, so I was very pleased to find Peet Rivko products!

Great for Sensitive Skin

I’m so happy to have found skin products with no fragrance or floral botanicals! The cleansers (including the exfoliant) and moisturizer are both mild on my skin. I just purchased the body oil for the first time and it is great for my frequently washed and drying hands. Thanks Peet Rivko!

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